Sonic 25th Anniversary

It's difficult to believe, but it's already going on twenty-five years since Sonic the Hedgehog starred in his first title on the Sega Genesis. Back in those days, Sonic and Mario games stood toe to toe and symbolized what was perhaps one of the greatest rivalries in gaming history between their respective companies. Of course, the two mascots are much friendlier to each other nowadays, and regularly co-star in a popular sports series.

While it could certainly be argued that Sonic is just as widely recognized as Mario, the character is actually just a bit younger, with this year being his 25th. On Twitter, SEGA recently shared the logo that will be used for his anniversary this year, check it out above. As for the company's known plans for the Blue Blur, Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice will be releasing sometime this year.

What do you think? Does SEGA have any big surprises in store for 2016? What was your favorite Sonic game? Share your thoughts in the comments below.