The time has come for the first North America Nintendo Download Update of 2016, and it includes a variety of options. The Wii U Virtual Console plays catch up with three light gun games, while new download offerings include a creative Minecraft-a-like, two RCMADIAX games and the return of Ninja Pig Studios (of Meme Run fame / infamy). On 3DS we have a couple of new entries, while an interesting demo and some discounts round out the week - let's get to the details.

Missed the European Nintendo Download Update earlier in the week? It's ok, wipe that sweaty brow and catch up with the details right here.

Wii U eShop

Discovery (Noowanda, $6.99) - There are a number of sandbox games like Minecraft on the eShop, now including - funnily enough - Minecraft: Wii U Edition. This entry doesn't have a survival mode, but at a reasonable price does have a detailed and enjoyable creation mode. We gave it a recommendation in our Discovery review.

AVOIDER (RCMADIAX, $1.49) - The developer with the caps lock key stuck down returns with another budget retro arcade-style release, in this case guiding a ship away from dangerous objects using the GamePad touch screen. We'll see whether you should embrace or avoid this one in a review.

TABLETOP GALLERY (RCMADIAX, $2.99) - This is a compilation of three RCMADIAX games previously released in North America, POKER DICE SOLITAIRE FUTURE, SHUT THE BOX and TOSS N GO; we gave it a modest score in our TABLETOP GALLERY review.

Bigley's Revenge (Ninja Pig Studios, $4.99) - The developer of the infamous Meme Run returns with another game full of 'dank memes' and random noise. On this occasion if appears to be a gallery shooter of sorts, with plenty of crazy images and sounds accompanying every shot. We'll take aim for a review.

Wii U Virtual Console

Hogan's Alley (Nintendo, $4.99) - This was a Zapper game on the NES, and like Duck Hunt before it arrives on the Wii U with Remote pointer support, allowing modern gamers to sample the simple joys of light gun shooting. In this one you take on multiple levels shooting at spinning cardboard targets or shoot at tin cans to keep them up in the air; it all sounds pretty simple, and earned a modest 5/10 in our review.

Wild Gunman (Nintendo, $4.99) - "You mean you have to use your hands? That's like a baby's toy!" Perhaps more famous for its cameo in Back to the Future: Part Two than as an actual game, this is another NES light gun title given the Wii Remote treatment. We headed back to the past and gave it 5/10 in our review.

The Adventures of Bayou Billy (Konami, $4.99) - In an era of dumb action flicks this was a dumb action game, with sequences combining beat 'em up, driving and shooting across the campaign; the NES Zapper support is naturally replaced with Wii Pointer support in the shooting sections. We donned a silly hat before awarding it with 5/10 in our review.

Wii U eShop Temporary Discounts

Rock Zombie (EnjoyUp Games, on discount until 4th February)

Unepic (EnjoyUp Games, on discount until 4th February)

GravBlocks+ (From Nothing Game Studios, $0.99 until 21st January, normally $3.49)

Wii U Demo

SDK Spriter (HullBreach Studios, free)

3DS eShop

Ocean Runner (Teyon, $2.99) - With fish breeds that conveniently echo quite a few of those found in Finding Nemo, this is a runner (swimmer?) with a top down perspective and online leaderboards to boot. It does a decent job, overall, earning a modest recommendation in our Ocean Runner review.

My Pets (Neopica, $24.99) - The eShop isn't short of pet sims, but here's another one to take for a walk. It sounds rather Nintendogs-esque, with 4 cat & dog breeds and 16 mini games available, along with AR features and even pet fashion. We'll dress up a virtual dog and ask ourselves what we're doing with our lives before bringing you a review.

3DS eShop Temporary Discounts

Aqua Moto Racing 3D (Zordix AB, $3.99 until 14th January, normally $7.99)

Quell Memento (CIRCLE Entertainment, $2.79 until 28th January, normally $3.99)

Glory of Generals: The Pacific (CIRCLE Entertainment, $3.99 until 28th January, normally $6.99)

3DS HOME Theme

Hatsune Miku: Project Mirai DX "Paper Craft"

That's the lot for this week's update in North America; let us know what you plan to download in the poll and comments below.

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