Splatoon continues to serve up new items on a weekly basis, with last week bringing two new weapons - the H-3 Nozzlenose D and the Luna Blaster Neo. We're down to one new weapon this week, but it's both glamorous and destructive, and therefore may be irresistible.

Nintendo has confirmed that this week's new gun will be the Heavy Splatling Deco. These weapons are great for those that want to go a bit '80s action movie in online matches, and this one has some sparkles so that you can also dazzle with your fashion sense when obliterating foes. You can see some screens below.


This looks set to arrive at the usual time of late evening on 6th November in North America and the small hours of the morning on 7th November in Europe. Wherever you are it'll be available for some weekend gaming.

Are you planning to give this a try?

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