Dusknoir Descends

With the spooky time of year fast approaching, Pokémon Shuffle is celebrating the occasion with two new Halloween-inspired events.

The first is titled Dusknoir Descends and requires players to defeat the ghost type Pokémon in 20 moves or less. If acquired and then used in battle, Dusknoir may occasionally use Last-Ditch Effort.

The second event is a Halloween themed Pokémon Safari which requires players to capture wild Pokémon in 5 to 12 moves. The safari pocket monsters include Crobat, Dusclops, Duskull, Golbat, Gourgeist, Pumpkaboo and Zubat.

Both events end on 26th October and are available across all versions of Pokémon Shuffle including 3DS, iOS and Android platforms. The latest batch of stages for the mobile versions of Shuffle have also arrived.

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