Splatoon plushies

Gaming paraphernalia can be a wonderful way to casually introduce elements of your favorite franchises into an environment. Be it an amiibo to be kept on a desk, a Yoshi plush toy to sit on your kitchen counter, or a replica of the Master Sword to be mounted over a fireplace; a simple object can act as a nice reminder of the things that you're passionate about. Naturally, Splatoon is just as ripe for merchandise as any Nintendo IP and a Japanese retailer is evidently looking to capitalize on this.

For 2,500 yen (roughly $21/13£), you can order a few variants of Splatoon characters from Japanese stuffed toy company, San-Ei. There will be Inkling Boy, Inkling Girl, Callie, and Marie toys available for purchase this December. Though there'll likely be additional cost attached to importing these, they would certainly make an excellent Christmas present to an enthusiastic Splatoon player you may know.

What do you think? Would you be interested in any of these? What kind of gaming paraphernalia do you have around your house? Drop us a comment in the section below.

[source nintendoeverything.com]