Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival will aim to push the range further

We all know that amiibo figures are popular, either from struggling to find stock of some favourites or just from the many conversations on the topic with Nintendo fans. Some shoppers don't even seem to buy them to use in games, but rather as collectibles; Nintendo won't care how they're used as long as they sell.

In remarks at the press conference for Nintendo's most recent financial results, company President Tatsumi Kimishima confirmed that the latest figure for global amiibo sales is now around 21 million units; notably 10.6 million of those sales were from 1st April onwards, showing that sales momentum remains high for the range. With the card packs accompanying Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer now out in stores and with more figures on the way, Nintendo will likely be confident that it can maintain momentum. It's also worth noting that Nintendo of America recently announced a figure of seven million amiibo sales in the US alone.

The same Reuters report also highlights a substantial increase in download sales for the company, though full details may be shared in the upcoming presentation from the Nintendo President.

The allure of amiibo seems to be as strong as ever, and as a result we can likely expect to see Nintendo continue to push the product forward at every opportunity.

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