Story time!

Edit: Given the confusion that the original title caused, we've altered it slightly and are currently seeking clarification from Telltale regarding the game engine that Story Mode will run in.

Original Story: Minecraft: Story Mode has been confirmed for release on Wii U, and marks the first time that the amazingly successful brand has been on a Nintendo system.

While Story Mode is sure to be a wonderful title - it's coming from the talented chaps at Telltale Games, after all - many would have hoped that Mojang's popular build 'em up would have been released in full on the Wii U by this point. It's available on pretty much every other format known to man - even the PS Vita, which is in the unenviable position of having sold less units than Nintendo's underappreciated home console.

Although Story Mode might not be the full version of Minecraft many had hoped for, it does give some hope for long-suffering Nintendo fans as Telltale's Director of Creative Communications Job Stauffer has revealed to Family Gamer TV that the game uses the actual Minecraft game engine, which hypothetically means the engine would have to be ported to the Wii U to facilitate a release:

The sets and the environments and everything that looks like Minecraft is actually built in Minecraft and that gets shifted over to all the different platforms.

If the engine is ported to the Wii U then surely there's little reason to hold off releasing the full Minecraft experience? Cross those fingers and toes, Nintendo fans.

Stauffer also reconfirmed that the Wii U version is coming later than the others, presumably due to the additional development time required. Minecraft is already available on all of the other systems that Story Mode is launching on, so the game engine is already in place.

Family Gamer TV has a long and detailed look at the game, along with more comments from Stauffer, which is well worth a watch.