We've known for a long time that Nintendo has been developing apps for the gigantic smart device market, and Pokémon Shuffle felt very fitting for such a market when it was first launched on the 3DS. Now it's finally made its way onto touch screens all over Japan and marks the first Nintendo game on iOS and Android.

There's currently no word as to when we'll be getting it over here in the West, but this is a very clear sign of the shift in dynamics we can expect form Nintendo in the next few years. It's not a hardcore console-level experience but that's not what the vast majority of the market's interested in, and Nintendo knows it.

In true Nintendo style there's no save syncing between versions so if you're planning to get this when it launches in your territory you'll be starting again from square one. Is this the sort of game you imagined arriving on smart devices, or did you want something a little more fleshed-out? Let us know in the comments below.