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Fire Emblem Fates promises to bring the most content of any entry in the series, so much so that it has two distinct versions at retail and a third path available as DLC in Japan. It's ultimately a choice between light and dark paths, with many Japanese gamers making their decision in stores.

Due in 2016 in the West, no details have been given on how it'll be sold in the West - whether it'll be the same tactic of two distinct releases or to bundle them together as standard. According to Amazon UK it'll be the latter; only visible when viewing the game's product page on the website on mobile (not when using the dedicated app) there's a notice stating that the listed product is the only version coming to the territory. In this case that means Europe, and this notice appears both on an iOS browser and on an Android handset.

Fates notice.png

Of course, these pre-order listings aren't always 100% correct, though major outlets like Amazon do occasionally let slip on details that they've been provided ahead of time. If this is accurate it could be spectacular value, with the current product being listed at a standard £34.95 on the UK store.

If this proves true, could this be one of the best value 3DS games yet? Let us know what you think.