Kamp Krusty

If there's one thing your humble writer likes to do, it's to recycle jokes and/or references that were barely funny first time around. Thank you Nintendo of America, for making this possible with Camp Miiverse.

After its original spin last year, the challenge-based contest is back, and is predictably kicking off with Splatoon. The goal of Camp Miiverse is to keep you playing your Wii U or 3DS while staying away from the sun - it'll only burn you, anyway. NintendoTom makes his triumphant return to kick off the first event.

Splatoon Camp Miiverse

Here's what your screenshot should look like!...Don't ask me how long it took to take this...

We'll be sure to contact NintendoTom to ask him how long it took to take that screenshot.

Though this is a North American promotion, you can do this elsewhere if you feel like it, no-one will stop you. The question is, are you a kid or a squid?

We're still not sure whether Camp Miiverse is better than Kamp Krusty; it probably needs a theme song.*

*Kamp Krusty is the first episode of The Simpsons series 4 and is a stone cold classic, for those wondering...

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