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Nintendo has revealed a new Zelda game for the 3DS called The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes during its Digital Event at E3.

Calling to mind Four Swords Adventures, this 3-player title appears to use the Link Between Worlds game engine and is indeed being handled by the same director, Hiromasa Shikata.

It will focus on players moving through dungeons and working together to overcome obstacles. The most interesting addition this time around is the "Totem" mechanic, which sees players standing on each other's shoulders to solve puzzles and fight enemies. The Totem feature is why the game only supports 3 players - according to Shikata-san, 4 players created a Totem which was "too tall".

Online play will be supported. Despite the strong multiplayer focus, you'll still be able to play solo, with CPU-controlled characters standing in for other players, which you'll be able to toggle between.

You'll also be able to try on different outfits which offer various perks and skills, and each stage will aim to offer a different experience depending on what clothing you have on.

Triforce Heroes launches this Fall. Excited?