Shuffle Update

Pokémon Shuffle, the seemingly endless free-to-play match-three title on 3DS, has had plenty of updates, yet version 1.2 is now available and offers one of the most notable shake-ups to date.

When trying to check-in you'll be told of a mandatory update, and in Europe the 686 block size suggests it's effectively re-installing the full game. Once installed it makes some key changes to how its played - hat tip to Serebii for clarifying some of these tweaks.

  • Your heart stock is now split into two segments - the auto-generating section of five hearts and, separately, your stock of extra hearts that you've bought or redeemed with jewels. In essence this means that a stock of five hearts will continue to regenerate as you use extras.
  • There are extra level indicators and numbers visible when optimising your team of 'mon, while Mega Evolutions can be boosted with their own level.
  • 'Super Catch Mode' is a random extra opportunity that improves the odds of catching a 'mon. In multiple rounds we're yet to see it, so it's not overly frequent.
  • 'Increased cheat detection', which the HOME button also disabled during timed challenges.

Are you still shuffling day after day, and are you a fan of these changes?