It's that time again, North American gamers, for Nintendo Download Update details. This week brings a popular demo for an upcoming Capcom blockbuster, concluding episodes from Renegade Kid, some fun hack-and-slash Zelda DLC, a pre-purchase and download on a Wii U retail title and a lot more besides. There are some interesting downloads this week, so let's get to the details.

Missed the European Nintendo Download details earlier in the week? Whoops! Never mind, the information you need is right here.

Wii U eShop

Dolphin Up (Rawkins Games, $3.99) - A title with predecessors on browsers and on smart devices, this is a slightly surreal game focused on gaining momentum for increasingly wacky stunts; it'll feature online leaderboards for score-chasers to tackle. We'll flip out for a review.

Tri-Strip (Form Up Studios, $1.99) - A puzzle game that adopts a very deliberate retro Game Boy vibe with a light green backdrop, this challenges you to form 'quads' with triangular tiles; there's an arcade mode, five Challenge modes and a 'Super Hardcore' mode for those with skillz (or skills, if you prefer). We'll pretend it's a Game Boy title and bring you a review.

Puzzle Monkeys (Log Games, $2.99) - Another puzzle title, this time with coloured falling blocks that need to be matched up in groups of three, with the promise that it'll take advantage of both button and touch screen inputs. There are two modes and online leaderboards, but we'll let you know whether it's all monkey business in our review.

Wii U Virtual Console

Mappy-Land (Bandai Namco, $4.99) - A surprise NES arrival, simply due to the fact it was never released on the Wii Virtual Console. It's an old-school platforming experience in which you play as "Mappy, the police mouse", with the basic premise of retrieving presents while avoiding an assortment of foes; we'll hop to it and bring you a review.

Dig Dug (Bandai Namco Games, $4.99) - Another early NES game that provided a home version of a popular arcade machine, this sees you digging through challenging levels and figuring out devious ways to take down your enemies. It's a snappy retro arcade experience, and despite its age we still recommend it as a reasonably fun slice of old-school action in our Dig Dug review.

Wii U eShop Temporary Discount

SpongeBob SquarePants: Plankton's Robotic Revenge (Activision, $19.99 until 12th February, normally $39.99)

GetClose: A game for RIVALS (JH Specialty, $2.99 until 19th February, normally $4.99)

Wii U Pre-Purchase

Kirby and the Rainbow Curse (Nintendo, $39.99) - An opportunity to pre-buy and pre-download this retail title, with just a brief unlock then required on 19th February at 9pm Pacific time.


Hyrule Warriors: Majora's Mask Pack (Nintendo, $7.99 or free with Season Pass) - Contents include:

  • A new Adventure Mode map (Termina) with six new 8-bit weapons and sixteen new mask-inspired costumes as rewards
  • Two new playable characters (Young Link and Tingle)
  • Three new costumes (Skull Kid's Clothes for Lana, and Era of the Hero of Time Outfits for Sheik and Impa)

3DS eShop

KAMI (CIRCLE Entertainment, $2.99) - A clever and visually appealing paper-based puzzle title, we're intrigued to see how this actually works in practice. A hand-crafted Japanese paper theme and 63 puzzles certainly sounds rather promising, so we'll see how it shapes up in our review.

3DS Virtual Console

Game & Watch Gallery 3 (Nintendo, $3.99) — Retro fans should no doubt be pleased to see another one of these enhanced collections of the LCD games make it to the Virtual Console; this gallery includes Egg, Turtle Bridge, Greenhouse, Donkey Kong Jr. and Mario Bros., with unlockable surprises also thrown in. We gave this a hearty recommendation in our Game & Watch Gallery 3 review.

3DS eShop DLC

Moon Chronicles Episodes 2-4 (Renegade Kid, $4.50 per episode or $9 for all three) - Perhaps not in the structure we expected when the project was first announced, we finally have the concluding three parts of this enhanced 3DS remake of Moon on the DS. The first episode was certainly promising, and we'll jump into our spacesuit to bring you a review of the full DLC pack.

3DS Retail Downloads

SpongeBob HeroPants (Activision, $29.99)

3DS eShop Temporary Discounts

Etrian Odyssey IV: Legends of the Titan (Atlus, discounted from 9th February to 16th February)

Code of Princess (Atlus, discounted from 9th February to 16th February)

Moon Chronicles: Episode 1 (Renegade Kid, $4.50 until 26th February, normally $8.99)

Soccer Up Online (EnjoyUp Games, discounted until 26th February)

Soccer Up 3D (EnjoyUp Games, discounted until 26th February)

Classic Games Overload: Card & Puzzle Edition (Telegames Inc, $19.99 until 19th February, normally $29.99)

3DS eShop Permanent Price Reductions

Christmas Wonderland 3 (Microvalue, $4.99 from 6th February, was $7.99)

Halloween: Trick or Treat 2 (Microvalue, $4.99 from 6th February, was $7.99)

Mystery Murders: Jack The Ripper (Microvalue, $4.99 from 6th February, was $9.99)

Mystery Murders: The Sleeping Palace (Microvalue, $4.99 from 6th February, was $7.99)

3DS Demo

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate (Capcom, free)

3DS HOME Themes

Colorful Game & Watch (Nintendo, $1.99)

NES: Fire-Breathing Bowser (Nintendo, $1.99)

NES: Fire Mario (Nintendo, $1.99)

In addition, there's currently a substantial range of discounts on Ubisoft games running until 16th February.

That's your lot, North America - let us know what you plan to download in the poll and comments below.

What will you be downloading first this week? (308 votes)

  1. Dolphin Up (Wii U eShop)  0%
  2. Tri-Strip (Wii U eShop)  0%
  3. Puzzle Monkeys (Wii U eShop)  0%
  4. Mappy-Land (Wii U Virtual Console)2%
  5. Dig Dug (Wii U Virtual Console)1%
  6. One of the Wii U temporary discounts  0%
  7. Kirby and the Rainbow Curse (Wii U Pre-Purchase)4%
  8. Hyrule Warriors Majora's Mask Pack (Wii U DLC)30%
  9. KAMI (3DS eShop)  0%
  10. Game & Watch Gallery 3 (3DS Virtual Console)9%
  11. Moon Chronicles Episodes 2-4 (3DS DLC)6%
  12. SpongeBob HeroPants (3DS retail download)  0%
  13. One of the 3DS eShop temporary discounts3%
  14. One of the 3DS eShop permanent discounts  0%
  15. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate (3DS Demo)13%
  16. Colorful Game & Watch (3DS HOME Theme)1%
  17. NES: Fire-Breathing Bowser (3DS HOME Theme)  0%
  18. NES: Fire Mario (3DS HOME Theme)1%
  19. Nothing for me this week30%

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