Game & Watch Gallery 3

Game & Watch Gallery 3 (GBC)


Game Boy Color


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User Ratings: 54

Our Review: 9/10


Also Known As
Game Boy Gallery 3 (Japan)
Number of Players
Single Player
Release Date

Game Boy Color

  • 4th Aug 1999 (JPN)
  • 1st Dec 1999 (USA)
  • 1st Feb 2000 (UK/EU)

3DS eShop

  • 25th Sep 2014 (UK/EU), £4.49
  • 5th Feb 2015 (USA), $3.99
Game & Watch

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Game & Watch Gallery 3 Screenshot
Game & Watch Gallery 3 Screenshot
Game & Watch Gallery 3 Screenshot


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    A gallery worth visiting

    As over 50 different Game & Watch titles were released during the eighties, Nintendo had the clever idea to give a select few a fresh coat of paint, giving them a visual makeover, adding music, turning them into Mario-themed titles and then putting them together in a collection which allowed you to play both the new and...

About The Game

Flash back to the '80s with Game & Watch Gallery 3, featuring original and updated versions of five handheld classics.

Experience the original LCD-style versions plus modern remakes with enhanced graphics, sound and gameplay. Egg: catch them before they hatch. Turtle Bridge: carry the packages across the turtles' backs. Greenhouse: protect plants from pesky pests. Donkey Kong Jr.: grab the key and free DK. Mario Bros.: help Mario and Luigi keep the factory flowing. Plus, play well and you can unlock new features and even hidden classic games!