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Based on early sales indications there are a decent number of gamers that have taken the plunge on the long-anticipated 3DS remaster The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D. For those that didn't experience the title back in the days of the Nintendo 64, however, it can be a slightly baffling game - it's quite unlike any other entry in the franchise.

This guide will be in a couple of parts, then. The first section is focused on some early steps to avoid stumbling right from the off, and then we'll outline how to collect all of the game's masks; There are a good number beyond the default unlocks that come through optional side-quests.

Spoilers are inevitable of course, as this is an guide!

Early Tips and Tricks to Help You Along

The time-travelling mechanic in Majora's Mask 3D isn't simply there to add tension to proceedings, but also a tool that you can use to benefit and manipulate the circumstances. Below are some simple cues and tricks that some may miss but can, once learned, be hugely useful early in the game and in its initial area.

  • When you first arrive in Termina's Clock Town, we recommend rattling on with the initial task at hand. Head straight to the North area and progress through the linear opening; one task is to play hide-and-seek with five kids that'll eventually help you out with a Bomber's Notebook and vital information. If you've dawdled too much the 'find them by dawn' task will be far tougher.
  • Play through the opening segment to the point that you retrieve the Ocarina of Time - there'll be scope to explore and mess about while you wait for time to pass - before making use of the following tip.
  • There are hints and tips given to give you access to additional songs that, if not acted upon, can cost you. When in human form head towards the scarecrow that's found on the way to the observatory. You'll set a scarecrow's song, but it'll also tell you tips to unlock two extra songs for manipulating time - if you've missed these, they're below.

Song of Double Time (allows you to skip forward to a time of your choosing) - Y, Y, L, L, R, R


Inverted Song of Time (allows you to dramatically slow time, or revert it to normal speed, which can be hugely helpful) - R, L, Y, R, L, Y

  • Next, note that at the back of the first (main) area in Clock Town there's a character that allows you to deposit rupees. This is vital, as any rupees in your possession are lost when time resets, but cash deposited with this character is kept between sessions - try not to apply logic to this. In addition, depositing 200 rupees will reward you with an Adult Wallet, letting you carry 200 rupees instead of 99.
  • We encourage spending time in the town, exploring its nuances and learning details for your bomber's notebook, but before setting out on your first real quest in the outside world we recommend re-obtaining the Town Title Deed from the Business Scrub, it'll come in handy.
  • In addition, there's a chest with a silver rupee (worth 100) that reappears when you reset time. It's a great way to accumulate money quickly, and ensure that you have at least 100 rupees when you head out into the field. When you go into the sewers on the way to the observatory as a human, swim left when you come to the water (hug the wall to avoid an enemy) - there's a cracked wall, which you can blow up with your Blast Mask (details on that below) to grab the cash. Easy money!

Much of the beauty of this game is experimentation (and constant time travel) to explore the world, but hopefully these core tips will give you some handy resources and tools to make things easier.

Collecting All Masks

This covers all of the masks you can obtain in the game - quite a number are optional, but all are useful.


Deku Mask

You receive this by speaking to the mask salesman after the first sequence of events, and allows you to be a Deku Scrub at any point.

Great Fairy Mask

This is useful as it attracts fairies to Link when there's a visual cue. After the first sequence of events (the second cycle of time) rescue the Stray Fairy (again) from the Laundry Pool and visit the Great Fairy in human form.

Kamaro's Mask

This allows you to perform a hypnotic dance - play the Song of Healing for Kamaro, who's dancing on a rock north of Clock Town at midnight.

Blast Mask

Allows you to set off explosions with Link (block the blast with your shield), useful for when you don't have bombs. To get this go to North Clock Town at midnight on the first day and attack the thief that tries to rob the old lady.

All-Night Mask

This allows you to stay awake through stories, relating to a sub-quest with Anju's grandmother in the town's Stock-Pot Inn. To get this, complete the Blast Mask task above and then buy this All-Night Mask from the Curiosity Shop on the night of the final day. You do need 500 rupees, though, so will necessitate the Giant Wallet from the Great Bay Coast area (later in the game).

Bremen Mask

Some animals will follow you as you march around with this quirky mask. As human link chat with Guru-Guru, the music player, in the town's Laundry Pool on the first or second night.

Bunny Hood

This allows you to run faster and jump further, which is certainly handy. This is found at the Romani Ranch - wear the Bremen Mask and march around the Cucco Shack.


Mask of Truth

Hear the thoughts of animals and Gossip Stones - collect all Gold Skulltulas in the Southern Swamps Fearful Spider House and then speak to the old man outside.

Mask of Scents

Used to see pungent scent plumes, to get this you must track the Deku Butler through the Deku Swamp (the Bunny Hood, above, is helpful for this).

Captain's Hat

Issue orders to Stalchildren that mistake you as a high-ranking captain of the Ikana army. Defeat the giant skeleton in the Ikana graveyard to earn this one.

Goron Mask

A mask shown off by Nintendo in various adverts, as it's one of the core transformations and allows you special abilities suitable as a Goron; you'll need the Lens of Truth at the Goron Graveyard in Mountain Village - follow Darmani's Ghost to its grave and play the Song of Healing.

Don Gero's Mask

This allows you to communicate with frogs, because why not! This is collectible in the Mountain Village - calm the Goron Elder's son and then knock a chunk of meat down from a chandelier; take this to a Goron on a ledge in the village.

Zora Mask

A core and vital story mask that grants you a new form and special abilities - at the Great Bay Coast push the wounded Zora near the Research Lab to shore.

Romani's Mask

Gains you access to the "Latte" Milk Bar. Save Romani Ranch on the night of the first day, then return on the second night and escort Cremia and her wagon to Clock Town.

Garo's Mask

This gives you the appearance of a Garo and is obtained from the Gorman track - free Epona and then beat the Gorman brothers in a race.


Troupe Leader's Mask

Allows you to obtain "Mystery Milk" from the Gormon Brothers for their brother the Troupe Leader. Play the ocarina for Toto in the Latte Milk Bar in all forms - Human, Deku, Goron and Zora on the first day's night.

Stone Mask

Appear "plain as stone" and go unnoticed by some enemies. Go to the Central Guard Tower at the Pirate's Fortress, use the Lens of Truth to talk to the invisible soldier.

Gibdo Mask

Allows you to communicate with Gibdos in Ikana Canyon. You receive this in the basement of the Ikana Canyon music house after playing the Song of Healing to break a man's curse.

Giant's Mask

Makes you into a giant for the showcase boss fight at the Stone Tower Temple, which you retrieve earlier in that area.

Kafei's Mask

Speak to Madame Aroma on the first day in the Mayor's residence - this allows you to disguise yourself as the missing Kafei and quiz residents on his whereabouts.

Couple's Mask

Use this to end Mayou Dotour's endless meeting, but is one of the most demanding to obtain and requires some progress in the game. Follow the steps below.

  • Wearing Kafei's mask, speak to Anju in the in the Stock Pot Inn (first day) after 2pm.
  • Find Anju in the Inn's kitchen at midnight on the first day.
  • Place this letter in any mailbox.
  • Sneak into Kafei's hideout in the Laundry Pool at 3pm on the second day; grab the Pendant of Memories and take it to Anju.
  • Retrieve the Sun's Mask from Sakon's hide-out (in Ikana Canyon, use Song of Soaring for fast travel) for Kafei, then meet the happy couple in the final hours of day three at the Stock Pot Inn.

Postman's Hat

Retrieve a heart piece from any mailbox in Clock Town. You must complete the task of having a special delivery sent to Mama - initiated by Kafei in the sub-quest above - and then follow the Postman to the Milk Bar; wait for him to emerge and then talk to him.

Keaton Mask

Allows you to summon a Keaton from scurrying bushes, this can be received from the Curiosity Shop via Kafei's hideout on the final day; do this to access and play Keaton's quiz.

Fierce Deity's Mask

This is the pay-off for obtaining all masks, transforming you into a powerful warrior in boss battles. Get this from a final masked child after completing the others' games and delivering all 20 optional masks.

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The latter part with details on the masks wouldn't have been possible without help, and in this case we were using an official Prima guide, pictured above - there are also various awesome Wikis and walkthroughs around the web.

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