Your Pocket Pikachu is crying in the junk drawer

So that Yokai Watch game, right? It's gargantuan in Japan and slowly working its way westward, even bringing its anime along with it. It's enough to make any '90s kid relapse into the Pokéjitters waiting for this franchise to arrive--just what is so amazing about it?!

Well, it'll still be a while before many of us can fully learn for ourselves, but in the meantime we have more indication that the Yokai train is still chugging along lucratively well. The Yo-kai Watch Yo-Kai Pad, a toy that reads cute little coin-like Yo-kai medals, has practically disappeared from store shelves since its debut on 17th January. Reports are stating that the device is being scalped on auction sites to a significant degree, which would be enough to make any 2010's kid relapse into the amiibojitters, if they weren't already experiencing them.

Does the Yo-Kai Pad look like something you would want to snap up? Let us know!

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