Late last year Toys "R" Us attracted the wrong kind of attention when it emerged that amiibo pre-orders were being cancelled en-masse, causing justifiable consternation among affected customers. The company promised an update over the festive period and issued coupons to enable customers to re-order their amiibo figures from wave two and beyond. This issue was affecting orders for existing toys and, most tellingly, for this year's Lucario figure, which is exclusive to the retailer.

Despite putting its processes in place and re-placing orders, it's now circulating around the web that orders are being cancelled again. We've had a few readers get in touch with the problem, while communities around the web are sharing pre-order notifications of cancellations for a range of figures.

It's a bit of a mess, which is reflecting poorly on Toys "R" Us and - to an extent - Nintendo of America; with Lucario in particular being a retailer exclusive in the region, this situation needs to be resolved. We'll reach out to Toys "R" Us for comment.

Have you been affected by this issue? Let us know.