What's going on with amiibo?


After concerns that pre-orders for amiibo due next year, including retailer exclusive Lucario, were being cancelled by Toys "R" Us in the US, the company has issued a statement to Joystiq to clarify that it was a "technical issue":

We apologize for any inconvenience that may have been caused pertaining to customers' amiibo pre-orders. Please know that we are working on an email communication to all customers effected, which will provide instructions on how we plan to fulfill their order.

We thank you for your patience as we work to remedy this situation and ensure our customers receive the products ordered,

That's certainly positive news for those hoping to get hold of the Lucario amiibo in early 2015.

Original Article:

We're hearing multiple reports that Toys "R" Us in North America is cancelling amiibo orders left, right and centre, with representatives suggesting that Nintendo has failed to supply enough stock to cover initial pre-orders.

Cancellations include Lucario, a figure which is exclusive to the toy retailer.

There are some conflicting reports floating around at the moment, but it would appear that this being some kind of computer error has already been ruled out. If rumours are to be believed, Toys "R" Us has taken the step of cancelling pre-orders because its stock has been "delayed" by Nintendo, and the numbers supplied by the Japanese company are actually far less than expected. It is also being suggested that Wave 3 will be delayed beyond February. To add further confusion, it would appear that pre-orders went live again after cancellation emails were sent out.

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