With Super Smash Bros. for Wii U being out in North America for a number of days already, it's inevitable that fans will encounter their own unique experiences with the game and its accompaniments. For example, one lucky fan managed to grab hold of a factory-error amiibo, with Samus Aran having two arm canons instead of her usual single blaster.

However a rather unlucky fan, T-Man, has supposedly picked up a faulty copy of SSBU, and has posted images of his game containing glitched character models on Nintendo's social network, Miiverse. The video below shows this strange error, with characters having protruding limbs, warped faces, and looking disturbingly malnourished. The only good news about this is that so far this glitch has only affected T-Man, suggested by the comments on his Miiverse posts. Of course, this could be a hoax, much like GameStop's publicity stunt.

In contrast to this accidental bespoke copy of SSBU, fans have taken it upon themselves to give some existing amiibo figurines a sweet makeover. The efforts from chibisilverwings include modifying Link to Shadow Link and Water Link (complete with Iron Boots and Mirror Shield), as well as making Villager look like a complete and utter psychopath. Below that we have a Light Suit Samus from Project Upgrade.

Custom amiibos
Light Suit Samus2

What do you think of these rare Super Smash Bros. alterations? Have you had any unique encounters? Would you repaint your amiibo, and if so, which character would you modify?

[source tinycartridge.com, via miiverse.nintendo.net]