Factory defects usually have hilarious consequences, but one plucky Nintendo fan managed to get their hands on an amiibo unlike any other:


No doubt this figurine will become exceedingly sought after if kept in its original packaging. Of course you could quite easily make your own by buying two of the amiibos and swapping the arms around appropriately. That may well be what has happened here before being placed sneakily back into its packaging, but we'd like to stay optimistic and say it's the real deal.

Due to the similarity of the limbs on Samus' amiibo what could have been a complete eyesore actually turns out to be an incredibly cool-looking model. She won't be able to use her Grappling Beam but when you've got twice as much firepower things generally tend to do what you tell them.

What would you pay to get your hands on this inadvertently exclusive figurine? Let us know by leaving a comment!