Palico Mega Man

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate will be the latest entry in an already strange series — in which characters pose while drinking a potion and can be made to dance and prance on command — and that's absolutely fine; that combination of quirkiness and hardcore challenge is part of its appeal. The new entry is taking things further, however, particularly with its bizarre crossovers.

We already have Link and Samus Aran outfits for hunters and — the most bizarre yet — Animal Crossing content as examples, but Capcom's not finished yet. The latest arrival is Mega Man armour for your Felyne companions, or 'Palico' as this particular example seems to be called. It's cute and weird at the same time, while a Rush Hammer can be equipped on this little assistant to boost the crossover further.

We rather like this Blue Bomber inclusion, with the character enjoying a relatively high profile with his recent inclusion in the latest Super Smash Bros. games. As one of Capcom's best-known IPs, there must be a new game coming, right? We've been saying that for a few years, of course, but this latest reference from the company gives us more — potentially false — hope.

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