Luigi Death Stare

There are only a few Nintendo franchises that can bring on very real trash talk; no, that Nintendo E3 press conference attempt for Wii Sports Resort back in the day does not count. One of these franchises that'll have friends and family boasting red shell success is Mario Kart, to this day one of the best multiplayer series in gaming.

Of course, this is Nintendo, so we have to keep it clean; as we can attest from live streams of Mario Kart 8 multiplayer, it's not easy to avoid dropping F-bombs when the hundredth totally unfair red shell hits. That's why we love this music video from levarslaysdragons on YouTube, as it takes a pretty full on sweary track — 0 to 100 by Drake — and turns it into a clean rap that still has plenty of arrogance and lines we wish we had the wit to use when racing with friends. It's pretty catchy, and perhaps one in honour of those that have been around the track a bit more and can regularly show everyone how it's done.

This is for all you players out there.