Just recently we shared the news that Coleco wants to bring back its version of Donkey Kong, with the planned ColecoVision Flashback in the works and the company hoping to re-release the version of the DK arcade title that graced the original console. When we say 'company', it's worth observing that the Coleco name has changed hands over the course of its history, though we're sure dedicated retro gamers of a certain age are interested in this release.

A detail that we missed, and has been spotted by Tiny Cartridge, is that Coleco is also planning to bring back its Mini Arcade systems; this was announced at the start of August. Five varieties of these tabletop systems were released that brought some major franchises to homes in yet another format, and there was one that provide a crude representation of the Donkey Kong arcade, pictured below.

Coleco Donkey Kong

This'll face the same licensing challenge as the ColecoVision re-release, we suspect, though would be another neat collectible. We defy anyone to look at that cute little arcade stick and not be a little tempted; the Mini Arcades are planned for a comeback once the ColecoVision Flashback has been released.

Image via handheldmuseum.com.

[source tinycartridge.com]