Who wants to play?

To "play Nintendo" was once a phrase attributed to the use of just about any electronic entertainment device. Not so much anymore, with the wider variety of choices out there, but Nintendo is bringing the term back somewhat with a 12-city summer tour.

The Play Nintendo Tour, running from 6th June-1st September, is offering a chance for "kids and kids-at-heart" to sample a selection of Nintendo's portable lineup on 2DS systems:

It looks as if some, if not all, of the games will be presented in their own themed zones. These will include such fun furniture as banana-shaped seats, Yoshi egg chairs, and a giant Pokéball. Fans will also be able to meet figures such as Mario, Luigi, Donkey Kong, and Kirby. Please do not attempt to incite them into a spontaneous Smash Bros. match.

Racers will also be able to compete on Mario Kart 7 in the Mario Kart racing area. Winners of qualifying rounds will get a chance to compete on-stage with Mario Kart 8 in full HD, giant-screen glory.

The Play Nintendo Tour is currently scheduled to hit the following cities. The specific locations for all stops have not been determined yet, so keep checking with the event page for updates:

  • 6th-8th June: Los Angeles, California
  • 13th-15th June: Dallas, Texas
  • 20th-22nd June: Charlotte, North Carolina
  • 27th-29th June: Chicago, Illinois
  • 4th-6th July: Bloomington, Minnesota
  • 18th-20th July: Seattle, Washington
  • 25th-27th July: Phoenix, Arizona
  • 1st-3rd August: St. Louis, Missouri
  • 8th-10th August: Indianapolis, Indiana
  • 15th-17th August: Atlanta, Georgia
  • 22nd-24th August: Houston, Texas
  • 29th August-1st September: Irvine, California

If you live around these areas, do you plan on making a stop to play some Nintendo? Do you dare even play Mario Kart beneath the unyielding stare of Luigi? Let us know.

[source nintendo.com]