2014 05 08 10. 41

As you're hopefully aware, we announced earlier this week that we're running a marathon live stream of Mario Kart 1-7, in which two courageous souls from the Nintendo Life team will sacrifice their Saturday for your entertainment. We'll also be hoping that the elaborate setup of cables for the broadcast won't spontaneously combust; there's a lot of stuff plugged in.

During this broadcast we'll be capturing all of the main series games (not the arcades!) off their native-ish, hardware. We will be slightly cheating and using a Game Boy Advance player in the GameCube for Super Circuit, a 3DS for both the DS entry and MK7, and a Wii U for Mario Kart Wii. Our plan is to seamlessly switch through the games, and it'll all naturally run perfectly...

Below's the schedule for this run:

We're finishing with the Wii entry simply due to the fact that, of course, its online component will be switched off on 20th May; it deserves the finale. We'll be running a community in Mario Kart 7 for you to join us, while in Mario Kart Wii we'll invite you to send us friend codes throughout, which we'll then add when the time comes. For you MK7 fans, below is the number you need.

NLIFE ON TWITCH — 32-8264-6068-6596

That's it! We're ready for our Mario Kart marathon. We hope you'll enjoy it — you can see the stream below and chat away in the comments, or head on over to our lovely Twitch page.

Thanks for watching!