Disney Magical World

Disney Magical World has been mentioned a fair bit over recent days here on Nintendo Life, with its 11th April release in North America somewhat creeping up on us. There's little doubt that it's being considered as a major release, however, with its cute style and Disney characters sure to attract nostalgic as well as young gamers.

We've already had special hardware announcements, with a "Peach Pink" 2DS coming to Gamestop and a Mickey Edition 3DS XL on the way to Walmart. Those not anxious to own more hardware may want to see more of the Mii-centric game, however, which combines 'sim' elements with different modes, activities and adventures to try out. Thankfully Nintendo of America has obliged with a new video, meaning you no longer need to watch Japanese trailers from 2013 while trying to figure out what's happening.

You can check it out below, so let us know what you think.