Pink 2 DS

While some may point out how many desirable limited-edition 3DS systems are available in Japan, it must be said that Western territories are catching up with plenty of eye-catching variations. Now the 2DS will get in the act, with the U.S. gearing up for a new colour to join the original blue and red variations.

As you can see in the picture above, this one will be a "Peach Pink" variation, though it doesn't actually reference the permanently-in-pink Princess Peach. That oddity aside, this system looks set to accompany the release of Disney Magical World, which arrives rather soon on 11th April in North America. This system is currently only confirmed for the U.S., with GameStop announcing that it's now taking pre-orders as the exclusive retailer for this model. At the standard price of $129.99 it'll also come with a special Disney Magical World carrying case.

It's little surprise that this charming Mii-sim has come to the West, especially as it's enjoyed impressive sales in Japan. We imagine this model will be popular with young gamers in particular, and may give a little boost to 2DS sales in the process.

What do you think of this, is it a 'hot' or 'bleh' pink?