Tomodachi Collection: New Life

According to multiple reports spotted by Tiny Cartridge, the waters are officially being tested by Nintendo of Europe for a Western version of Tomodachi Collection: New Life. This comes following last month's disclosure by Satoru Iwata that the game was being localized. Most significant about this is the fact that along with the survey come the first English screenshots of the game which, up until this point, has been largely difficult to understand because of the language barrier.

Tomodachi Collection: New Life - English Screenshots

With the images now given an official translation, it's much easier to grasp the delightfully bizarre nature of the Mii-centric life simulation. Pictures of the editors, which allow for Mii creation inside the game itself, now also offer text that illuminates the interesting personality and voice options given to players. In one image, a Mii called Sofia is deemed a "Perfectionist" after using the editor to determine where she fits between two extremes on five different traits, including "Energy" and "Mood." Another image details a Mii's overall profile, including favourite foods, happiness level, and relationships (this particular Mii has a husband, but no best friend — aww).

Tomodachi Collection: New Life - English Screenshots

Many of the images, of course, reveal what's already well-known about the game — that it's a way to insert friends, family, characters and celebrities into a zany mishmash of epic proportions. That's hardly a drawback, though, as it displays a welcome commitment to the same zippy style of humour found in many Nintendo localizations. For example, take the cheeky item descriptions, gems like "An anarchistic outfit. Don't believe us? Check out the skull on the back!" and "A free spirit doesn't need possessions. Your possessions should reflect that." If the quirky quips of the Animal Crossing villagers were any indication, you can put a safe bet on the fact that the Miis' dialogue will be just as funny.

Does seeing these new images of Tomodachi Collection hype you up even more for its genre-defying potential? Let us know if you've gotten your hands on the European survey for Nintendo's quirky life simulation.