Mario Flying

Earlier this year we revived the Nintendo Life Mario Kart community event, enjoying some shell-throwing hijinks for a number of hours. It was fun, of course, and we can only apologise that it's taken us a little while to plan the next instalment.

But still, let's do this. Mario Kart 8 arrives on 30th May and we intend to host plenty of events once it launches so that we can share the fun — assuming Communities are included again, of course. We have Mario Kart 7 to keep us going until then, which is just fine, and it gives us a chance to sharpen those reflexes and tighten up our racing lines.

As before we'll have a Battle room available, but it's all about the Grand Prix racing. Normally we give a vote on what rules the room will follow, and "All Items" always wins, so in the interests of satisfying the majority but also catering for those that want a purer race, we'll host two Grand Prix rooms. One will be All Items, but we want you to vote on the other. Don't say we never shake thinks up! Cast your votes below.

Choose Your "Specialist" MK7 Grand Prix Community Room (104 votes)

  1. NL Goes Bananas (Bananas only)31%
  2. NL Bob-ombs Away (Bombs only)22%
  3. NL Pure Racing (No items)47%

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In another tweak to our usual formula we're going to take the lead from our Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate community event and race at a time that will hopefully suit gamers from North America and Europe. We're taking the action to the weekend, with a planned start on Saturday 15th March, beginning at noon Pacific / 3pm Eastern / 7pm UK time / 8pm Central European time.

We'll post a reminder article on the day with the community room codes, in which we can also praise and smack talk each other in the comments between races. Get some practice in.