Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate may have been available for nearly a year on the Wii U and 3DS, but there are still plenty of gamers that enjoy going on the hunt on a regular basis. Quite a few of us at Nintendo Life fall into that category, which is why we announced the first community hunting night earlier this week. Those beasts are strutting around like they own the place, but our over-sized weapons will take them down a peg or two.

As previously announced, there'll be two online rooms set up by Nintendo Life staffers in the Wii U version - Tom Whitehead will host a room for HR5 and below, while super-hardcore slayer Martin Watts will host a room for HR6 and above; the details are below.

Both rooms will be located in the '06 Free F' world, in Lobby 5.

Tom Whitehead — room name NLifeGo, password 4598 — HR 5 and below
Martin Watts — room name NLifeHR, password 6895 — HR6 and above

These will be first come, first served when opened at around 8pm UK time / 3pm Eastern / noon Pacific. Yet the whole purpose of this community night is to be a central point for NLifers to organise additional rooms as they please. So please use the comments section to set up additional groups. If you want to keep it in-house, we suggest using the same world and lobby as those above, while sharing the details — and a password — in the comments section. It's a chance to level up, target specific creatures or, simply, to have a bit of fun.

The two rooms hosted by Tom and Martin will be 'winging it' to a degree, aside from targeting quests at certain levels.

The Hunt... is on.

We'll be posting a bit on Twitter during the hunt, so hit us up with the hashtag #NLifehunters