Miiverse Smile

Miiverse, the Nintendo social network where we can post doodles, screens and general thoughts on all things Nintendo, has today been updated for both Wii U and 3DS. As Nintendo had the foresight to make it a web-based platform rather than an app, in the typical sense, it means the update is waiting for you without any need for a download or installation.

There are quite a few changes, a few of them so useful and practical that our first instinct is to wonder why these features weren't there in the first place. They're here now though, which is what counts — the full details are below.

1) We've added a community search feature.
Select "Search" on the bottom-right of the Communities screen to search for communities. Just enter a game title (or part of one) in the search field and you'll get a list of all the communities related to that game.

2) You can now see a list of posts by verified users.
Select "Posts from Verified Users" at the top of the Communities screen to display only posts by verified users.

3) You can now see a list of communities for the games you've played.
On the "Favourite Communities" screen, you can now switch between displaying "Favourites" and "Played". Select "Played" to see a list of communities for all the games you've played on the Nintendo 3DS system or Wii U console you're currently using (if they have a Miiverse community).

4) You can now mark a post as containing spoilers even after posting it.
If you forget to tick the Spoilers box when posting, you can now go back and do it later. You can also mark other people's comments on your post as spoilers. Just select the spanner icon on the bottom-right of a post or comment, then select "Set as Spoiler" (the other option is "Delete").

5) You can now attach screenshots when posting to your activity feed.
If a certain game has a community which allows attaching in-game screenshots to your posts, you will also be able to attach screenshots from that game when posting to the activity feed.

So there you have it, all rather useful inclusions. The new search and post filtering options are certainly welcome, while it's pleasing that Activity Feed posts can now have a little more colour with screenshots. Which "Verified User" do you plan to stalk on Miiverse?

[source miiverse.nintendo.net]