Frowning Link

In recent days you may have seen us directing your attention to TwitchPlaysPokémon and the mayhem it's caused, attracting tens of thousands of gamers at once. It may be a chaotic mess, in practice, but it's hit a nerve and, for those invested in the idea, become a highly enjoyable hobby.

As it's the Flappy Bird of Twitch, however, streams with the same idea are starting to pop up; so we present Twitch Plays Zelda, which is applying the same principles to the original The Legend of Zelda. If we say that item switching was added after it started as a "new feature", you can form an idea of how well it's going.

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It currently has around 250 players confusingly jabbing keys as Link generally faces walls, fidgets around and drops bombs at his feet. As an acknowledgement of how impossible the task is in sane terms, the page creator is utilising a ROM in which Link has infinite health and weapons. In theory the game can be beaten, but with over 20 hours passed and progress slow it'll take a long time; directing Link by numbers of frames highlights how tricky it is.

Is this a fun continuation of the emerging craze of extreme online co-op via Twitch, or a silly copy and an idea that's too flawed to be worth the time? Check it out and let us know what you think.

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