Technical issues make Pikachu sad

Over the last few days, the talk of the gaming industry has been dominated by one topic. The TwitchPlaysPokémon stream has been going strong for almost eight days with no sign of slowing down, unless technicalities get in the way first.

The stream, which has an average viewer count of above 60,000, has been causing serious problems for the streaming service, Twitch.

Jason Maestas, Twitch director for customer experience, wrote in a post explaining the issues with the popular stream and the attempts to fix them. The stream has already been moved off the regular streaming servers to a dedicated event server, used only for major events such as the League of Legends Championship Series.

However, this change is still not resolving one of the major problems in relation to the chat. The chat, a vital component of this social experiment, has been hit with an overwhelming amount of commands at some times, creating problems across the website. Streamers who stream during the peak hours of TwitchPlaysPokémon are usually unable to see their personal chat, due to the clogging of the infrastructure. Maestas stated that some problems are still prevalent, and the company is attempting the fix the “fundamental issues.”

The creator of the stream, who wishes to remain anonymous, has implemented additional features to make the game more “beatable” due to the large number of participants. The introduction of a start button throttle, preventing the stream from constantly spamming the start button and halting progress as well as the democracy and anarchy system have generally improved the core formula.

Currently the stream has over 70,000 viewers, over 17 million views, and is attempting to reach the top of the Pokémon Tower in Lavender Town.

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