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Previously we reported on the Kickstarter project Paradise Lost: First Contact and the team's controversial decision to leave development on Wii U as a final stretch goal, behind even other home consoles.

The decision prompted debate on whether Nintendo's innovations intimidated indie developers, and highlighted a worrying trend among other Kickstarter campaigns. Today however, we some good news.

Developer Ashtree Works has recently announced an impressive change in the structure of their funding, bringing development for the Wii U straight to the top. Their initial goal of $70,000 now covers a definite version for Nintendo fans, with the slight caveat that it will not be a day one release unless a further goal of $230,000 is reached as well:

We can't promise you that this version will be released the same day as the PC one. That's why we are changing our stretch goals! So, we dropped the Wii U goal until $230,000 to make possible this release the same day as the rest of versions.

Until now, initial funding only promised the title on Windows, Mac and Linux,so this addition is certainly substantial.

It's a welcome sight to see developers take notice of what fans want, especially when a title is entirely crowdfunded, so Ashtree Works should be applauded for adapting in response to comments. With this new focus, anyone interested in the title shouldn't hesitate to contribute, and a pledge of $15 allows you to choose between a PC or console version. The project is at over $68,000 at time of writing, but a list of stretch goals should tempt some to go beyond that — especially now that multiplayer is a possibility.

If this change has made the project feel a little less 'alien'ating to you (we're so sorry), then let us know below.

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