"You have 10 seconds to comply"

By now we've come to understand that Nintendo's innovations have many developers excited by the possibilities, and many more simply scratching their heads. The Kickstarter project for acclaimed indie game Paradise Lost: First Contact by developer Ashtree Works has left its Wii U port till last, specifying a lofty stretch goal of $250,000. This is over three times the required funding of $70,000, and the understandably negative response to the decision has driven Ashtree to make a statement on the matter:

We are developing the game on Unity and this could make things easy to port it to another platforms, but we have to adapt the gameplay and do a lot of testing...and for now we don't have time or money to do that without this stretch goal. Wii U version can offer great possibilities to the gameplay but it's a challenge to make things work fine with Paradise Lost: First Contact.

For a small development team it is understandable that greater incentive is required to expand beyond their original vision, but it does seem as though Nintendo's unique console is more of a novelty for developers rather than a priority. Other Kickstarter campaigns have placed it last in their stretch goal list as well, such as A.N.N.E and River City Ransom: Underground.

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