Hype Light Drifter

We were rather pleased to confirm, in October, that Hyper Light Drifter had successfully reached a Wii U stretch goal in its successful crowdfunding campaign. Successful is putting in mildly, however, as the project raised $645,158 from an initial goal of $27,000; it's due in June 2014 if all goes well.

As many who've been interested in this project may have observed for themselves, the vision of the game is being prioritised about all else, so Wii U owners shouldn't anticipate unique features to be too evident in the experience. The game's creator, Alex Preston, said the following in the latest issue of EDGE magazine.

Even if we put it on 3DS, we wouldn't just toss weird touch elements in there for the sake of having them, and it's the same thing for Wii U. Sure, we want to be able to play on (the GamePad's) screen, but it's a game that's really all about classic controls, and we don't want to change that for any one console. We want everyone to experience the game as we envisioned it.

Preston also stated that his influences of tough games from the 8- and 16-Bit era would make it a challenging title — "there are too many f***ing easy games these days" — and hopes the visuals will drive the storytelling.

I think that's such a crucial element of being a good director, when a game is able to expose its innards in a way that's meaningful without having to bown it down into words and extrapolate it.

We're certainly looking forward to this one's arrival. If you haven't already seen it then you should definitely check out the trailer below, preferably while wearing headphones.

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