Hyper Light Drifter

Not so long ago we told you about Hyper Light Drifter, a "2D action RPG" that was seeking funds to bring its games to a variety of platforms. Developer Heart Machine added a Wii U stretch goal at $550,000, and as a sign of this project's popularity it's now passed that total with a little over a day to go.

At the time of writing there's only one more stretch goal for this Kickstarter campaign at $600,000, with the funds raised reaching nearly $570,000; the developer is yet to reveal what that stretch goal will be. Prior to the Wii U goal a number of additional targets had been hit, unlocking features such as a New Game+ mode, a co-op campaign and an online challenge mode. It's come a long way since its original $27,000 goal.

If you haven't seen much of this game yet check out the pitch video below; it certainly looks promising.

[source kickstarter.com, via destructoid.com]