A good time to be an Indie

One of a number of themes that Nintendo's been communicating this year is its support for small 'indie' developers on its eShop platforms. In some respects the big N has faced a challenge moving the message beyond the flaws of the DSi and Wii stores, making clear to developers around the world that the current platforms are far more welcoming and supportive.

It looks like we'll see some benefits to this later in the year and beyond, as the lineup of confirmed games for the Wii U and 3DS eShop platforms continues to grow. Nintendo will be taking a number of those games to its booth at the Indicade event, which is open from today until 6th October in downtown Culver City, California; Nintendo's booth is at the IndieCade Village at 9300 Culver Blvd in the city.

A headline event will be a presentation by Nintendo of America's Dan Adelman called "How to Self-Publish Your Game on Nintendo eShop", which will again try to communicate directly to developers to explain the processes behind bringing games to the eShop stores. The following games will also be playable in the Nintendo booth.

Wii U


In addition Wii U eShop exclusive Spin the Bottle: Bumpie's Party will be on show at the KnapNok booth.

It's an encouraging lineup — are any of you heading to California for Indiecade this weekend?