Mario and Luigi Bros Banner

There was a time in the earlier days of the 3DS when new game releases, even first-party titles, would flirt with the UK all-format top ten on their debut week and drop away rather quickly afterwards. Momentum wasn't a word often uttered, as the system strove to establish a user base and challenge the big boys.

Times have been changing of course, partly as a result of a top-notch games library bringing more hardware and software sales — Nintendo says the portable is outselling the 360 and PS3 in the UK — and partly due to the country's fairly static and underwhelming sales market; when a game like FIFA 13 is still in the top ten, it doesn't suggest a dynamic marketplace. Whatever the main causes, there's been some cheer for Nintendo UK, with Mario & Luigi: Dream Team Bros. retaining third place in its second week, while Animal Crossing: New Leaf drops from 2nd to 4th position. Perhaps most impressive is that, since last week, sales of both titles on the High Street have only dropped by just under 10%, which is impressive momentum for 3DS exclusives.

Elsewhere in the top 40, Luigi's Mansion 2 is in 16th, Mario Kart 7 is in gear in 25th, LEGO City Undercover: The Chase Begins is 30th, while Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D and New Super Mario Bros. 2 are still hanging around in 33rd and 39th respectively.

Happy days indeed for the 3DS in almost all territories, it seems; now we look with interest to next week's results to see how Pikmin 3 performs after its European release.