We'll be honest and say that, at times, our reporting around Project X Zone has been a little breathless and excitable, particularly when it was first announced for Japan. It's a crossover of Capcom, SEGA and Namco Bandai IPs that names Monolith Soft — of Xenoblade Chronicles fame, to name just one — as a developer on the project. And it hits North America really soon, on 25th June — Europe is slated for a 5th July release.

We may not have played it yet — we hope it won't disappoint — but those factors are enough to get the pulses racing. We've also enjoyed some of the Japanese trailers in the past, which have shown just how bonkers some of the battle scenes and moves promise to be. Now, thanks to Capcom Unity, we have a trailer for the Western release that shows off the company's "team".

Warning: this may cause a nostalgia overload.