Square Enix has announced it will be livestreaming from the show floor throughout the entire three-days of E3.

The livestream, which will be aired on YouTube, is called Square Enix Presents and has been set up to bring its designated E3 booth to the poor souls who unfortunately cannot attend.

Square Enix hasn't specified which titles it will show off but said it plans to announce a full schedule soon.

The channel will offer interviews with developers, show some game demo walkthroughs and will naturally reveal more on some upcoming titles.

Akio Oofuji, marketing director at Square Enix Japan, said the following:

Square Enix will be showcasing a terrific lineup of games this E3 Expo. Square Enix Presents is a new way we can engage on a more meaningful and personal level with our community and fans and share with them the spectacle and excitement of E3.

It looks as though Square Enix has taken a leaf from Nintendo Direct - bringing gaming news directly to the fans.

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