Thailand-based developer Corecell announced it was in the process of making a 3DS title called ChronoBlade back in 2011.

However, although the game is still on track, it's received a name change. The managing director at Corecell recently told Cubed3 that the new name is AeternoBlade.

AeternoBlade is a time-manipulation action-sidescroller which stars a young mage warrior called Freyja, who jumps into the past of another dimension in order to save her tribe.

According to Corecell, AeternoBlade is now in the final stages of testing and localisation. There's no solid release date but it shouldn't be too far off now.

We're not sure why Corecell decided to change the name, but what we do know is this game has nothing to do with Chrono Trigger or Chrono Cross. Corecell's past work includes Wicked Monsters Blast, a shooting-based selection of mini-games for Wii.

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