Bravely Default Banner

It's a regular occurence, especially with 3DS, to look at some attractive and promising titles and realise, with a heavy heart, that they may never make it outside of Japan. They're typically RPG titles, and they're often accompanied by gorgeous, imaginative visuals and special edition releases packed with collectible goodies.

One of these is Bravely Default: Flying Fairy, an RPG published by Square Enix that we can't stop talking about here at Nintendo Life; this has unfortunately led to disappointing moments of Square Enix teasers that were ultimately for mediocre mobile games. Today we have a bone to chew on from the developer itself, however, as below is a tweet from the game's official account and a follow up from Cheesemeister, who's well known for useful translations of, among other things, Japanese Nintendo Direct broadcasts.

Could localisation actually be on the agenda? We certainly hope so; let us know what you think and whether this is on your wishlist in the comments below.

Thanks to KodaSmoss for the tip.