Still attracting some sales

Last week we reported on some struggles for Wii U software in the UK all-format charts, with various possible reasons behind the lack of impact of the system's games. There's a low install base, for one, meaning that it's too early to proclaim the console to be in any kind of trouble; with that said there seems to be plenty of available stock, at the time of writing, at various major retailers.

Whatever the circumstances, this week's update from UKIE won't bring any cheer for Nintendo UK, with Nintendo Land sneaking into 38th position, which may or may not account for copies bundled with the console. As already mentioned, its exclusives are up against long-established systems with major install bases, and Wii U sales will be contributing to some of the multi-platform big-hitters occupying the top 10.

It's business as usual for the 3DS, with a handful of its own exclusives occupying respectable positions in this week's list. New Super Mario Bros. 2 is still top of the handheld's rankings in 19th place, Mario Kart 7 drifts into 27th while Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask and Super Mario 3D Land are 31st and 35th respectively. The major franchises are certainly doing the job over a sustained period.

It's certainly not the time to be taken over by angst and fear for Wii U as it's establishing an initial install base, as well as the fact that many with tight budgets may be holding back on picking up extra games, especially if they picked up the Premium Bundle. As for 3DS, its major titles, particularly Mario Kart 7 and Super Mario 3D Land, are showing respectable staying power.