It has been discovered that the recently unveiled Wii Mini system does not have an SD card slot.

The new miniaturised Wii, which — bizarrely enough — will only be available to purchase in Canada, is a cut-down version of the original Wii that lacks online functionality or GameCube backward compatibility. You may remember that the Wii has already undergone a minor revamp, where that backward compatibility feature was removed.

The lack of an SD card slot means that players cannot transfer save data. Given that the system is not online-enabled and, therefore, cannot connect to the Wii Shop Channel, there would in fact be very little use for an SD card; this feature was likely removed to help bring down costs.

Following the redesigned system's unveiling, Nintendo of Canada's Matt Ryan stated:

... they are two very different products for a different type of player. It really depends on the experience that players want and their preferred investment in their gaming console. If a player just wants to play Wii games, Wii Mini is a great choice at a great price. If the player wants more from their system, Wii U is the latest innovation of fun from Nintendo.

The Wii Mini will be available at Canadian retailers from 7th December and will cost $99.99 CAD. Does Nintendo's latest redesign get more baffling by the minute or do you think that it will appeal to newcomers? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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