Small and simple

We've something to give you a little giggle this weekend, with the sweet tale of a young boy who believed that the Gameboy Micro was the latest Nintendo handheld on the market.

Gamer dad Andy Robertson and his son were walking past a second hand store when the youngster spotted a Gameboy Micro sitting in the window. He was somehow convinced that this handheld console, which was actually released in 2005, was an upgrade to the 3DS; and made sure he would get his hands on it one day.

He began some household chores, and little after a month, succeeded in gaining enough money to go out and purchase the handheld. What comes as quite a surprise, is that the realisation that this was not in fact a 3DS upgrade didn't seem to phase Andy's son.

His enthusiasm could not be punctured, and was overwhelmed when the shop assistant gave him WarioWare Twisted! and Super Mario Advance 2. According to him theses games are proof that the device is recent, as they are ‘'too good to be on the DS".

He also convinced his classmates and brother that they should put the device on their Christmas wishlist this year.

If there's no increase in 3DS sales towards the end of this year, you'll know exactly why.

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