He looks how we feel

It was to be expected after Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon was delayed into 2013 in North America, but we can now confirm that the green plumber's 3DS foray into ghost busting has also slipped into next year in Europe; it's now due to spook up the first quarter of 2013. Hopefully not too long after that, Fire Emblem: Awakening will strategise its way onto European shores in the fabled second quarter of 2013.

Luigi's second bout of mansion madness remains unreleased in any territory so far and was originally planned for release by Christmas 2012. Clearly unsatisfied with being terrified by one mansion, the 3DS sequel sees the lanky one visit several different haunts. You can read our Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon preview a few times while you wait if you like.

Fire Emblem: Awakening, on the other hand, has been out in Japan since April. It's been steadily building up downloadable content since launch — it was Nintendo's first venture into paid additional content in Japan — so there should be plenty of new characters ready to go by the time it arrives over here next year.

Your guess is as good as ours for exact dates at this point, but it's great to know that they're coming reasonably soon. You've got a few months to save up your pennies — will you be picking any of these games up when they're eventually released?