A house this rad won't cost real money

Nintendo's spent a fair bit of time and effort this year taking steps forward in its download business on 3DS, with one notable area being in-game paid DLC. It's not as if extra add-on content is entirely new for the big N in 2012, but its profile undoubtedly increased with Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy and then, most notably, New Super Mario Bros. 2. If the sacred grounds of the moustachioed plumber could be invaded by paid DLC, what hope is there for Animal Crossing: New Leaf, a game practically begging to deprive us of loose change on a regular basis?

Thankfully, Nintendo doesn't appear to be a company primarily occupied by its bottom line and wringing every ounce of profit out of its gamers. It wants to make money, of course, but it seems as if Animal Crossing: New Leaf is out of bounds. In a Financial Q&A Satoru Iwata stated that the prospect of paying money for items to influence and change the core gameplay is "unwholesome", before stating that paid DLC had been ruled out for the anticipated 3DS release.

That sort of element [paid DLC] is absolutely not being added.

Considering the series' history of giving away plenty of free DLC for gamers to enjoy, this is excellent news for 3DS owners. Nintendo's policy seems to be that DLC should be an entirely optional extra that isn't required to spruce up the packaged content, a noble view that some other publishers would find completely alien to their instincts. What's great for gamers, though, is probably going to frustrate Nintendo's shareholders and accountants.

Would you have considered paying for DLC in Animal Crossing: New Leaf, do you think Nintendo's being too kind to its gamers or are you pleased that it's sticking to its principles? Let us know in the comments below.

[source kotaku.com]