A decent start on court

Mario Tennis Open has arrived in time for the summer season of tennis grand slams and typical summer delights such as strawberries and cream and, of course, sunburn. With some interesting 3DS titles on the way in the next couple of months that could be described as 'core' games, to put it crudely, Mario's tennis outing is a title designed to try and satisfy gamers of various tastes and skill levels, and it's made a decent start in the UK.

In terms of the all-format chart it's come in at number 11, the highest placed title exclusive to Nintendo systems. Wii and 3DS Olympians are still going strong with Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games doing well in 13th, while two notable 3DS performers still keeping up the pace are Super Mario 3D Land and Mario Kart 7 in 24th and 25th, respectively.

The 3DS (full price) top ten, meanwhile, shows that some titles can certainly claim to be 'evergreen', while other recent high quality releases are nowhere to be seen: details are in the links below.

Overall, it's a mixed bag of results in the all-format charts — not many Nintendo-exclusives in the top 40 — while the 3DS top ten has some surprises with a few launch titles still attracting sales.

[source ukie.info, via chart-track.co.uk]