Number one by a long way

The latest Media Create Japanese chart results are in, and Fire Emblem: Awakening has stormed to the software number one position with an impressive 242,600 sales: more than the other nine top ten titles combined. The intriguing Code of Princess, an action-brawler on 3DS, made its debut at number two with a more modest 19,554 units being sold. Eight of the top ten titles are for 3DS, so it's been another strong week for the console.

In terms of hardware, 3DS was boosted by the new number one game title, presumably, with its total of 84,760 sales being higher than all other consoles combined. Interestingly, as pointed out by Andriasang, the Fire Emblem hardware bundle doesn't appear to have been included in Media Create's results due to it being sold exclusively on Nintendo's own online store. If that's the case, then it may have been an even better week for the company ahead of its annual financial results.

So Nintendo cleans up in Japan once again: is anyone surprised?